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Hello Friends!

The Quaker Youth Leadership conference is a gathering of Students and teachers from Quaker Secondary Schools across the world. It serves to embolden the Quaker values in young leaders and encourage them to work collaboratively and with intent to solve the worlds social, political, and environmental issues. Since 1999, QYLC has been guided by a contemporary theme and hosted by a different Quaker school. In February of 2018, we hope that you will join us at Carolina Friends School for the 19th annual Quaker Youth Leadership Conference!


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Carolina Friends School has a sprawling campus on 126 acres of land, this map will be a good reference for our 3 days together.

Keynote Speaker: Pierce Freelon

At this year's QYLC, we are proud to welcome Pierce Freelon as our Keynote Speaker. Pierce is a political presence in Durham, running for Mayor in 2017 and currently for City Council. In addition to being a prevalent voice in the community and politics, Pierce is an entrepreneur founding a cooperative called Blackspace to help Durhamites of color learn about music, code and film. In addition, Pierce is a local musician and the lead singer in The Beast, a Durham Hip Hop band which will be performing after his speech!

 Photo by Indy Week

Photo by Indy Week

We are excited to host you!


Carolina Friends School

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New Garden Friends School


Past Years at QYLC


Published by Brooklyn Friends School

Published by Rachel Elizabeth


In February of 2017, QYLC was hosted by Brooklyn Friends School and Mary McDowell Friends School. The theme was Bridging Communities.


In February of 2016, Lincoln School and Moses Brown School. The Theme was Equality.